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Snow Removal

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Important Snow Removal Information

Consistent with the policy successfully instituted last year, the township Public works Department will, during moderate snow falls, make two initial passes with plowing equipment on every residential street, thereby opening the center of each street for vehicular traffic. Once all Township roads have been opened in this manner, the Township crews will return to complete the curbside plowing. By reducing the priority of curb-edge plowing during minor to moderate snow falls, the process by which all streets are initially opened can be expedited. This will afford greater access to roadways by the general public.

Pw TrucksThe Township will maintain its policy of plowing all primary and secondary roads on a curb-to-curb basis prior to the commencement of plowing in residential developments.

Under severe snow conditions, the policy of removing snow from curb-to-curb will be followed. If the Township were to follow the "two pass" process as described above, large windrows would accumulate along the curb-edge and would prevent access to the street from private driveways.

In severe conditions, we ask for your patience and understanding. Be advised that no street or development is always last to be plowed. IT IS THE TOWNSHIP'S POLICY TO ROTATE THE RESIDENTIAL PLOWING SCHEDULE WITH EACH SNOWFALL SO THAT NO ONE NEIGHBORHOOD OR STREET REMAINS IN THE SAME POSITION ON THE PLOWING SCHEDULE.

The Township would like to remind all property owners that the plowing of snow is an imperfect process and certain inconveniences are unavoidable. The two most common complaints received by the Township are damage to mailboxes and the plowing closed of previously cleared driveways. There are no remedies to these problems. Township plows must operate at a minimum rate of speed in order to create enough momentum to remove snow from the road, therefore, windrows are unavoidable. Old, unsecured mailboxes are prone to damage because of the weight of the snow. The Township will not be responsible for improperly mounted or maintained mailboxes that are damaged by snow.

Pw TruckWe ask for your understanding and your acceptance of these realities and suggest that, if possible, you delay shoveling your driveway until after the Township plows have completed curb-to-curb snow removal.


Snow Emergencies are declared by the Township Manager and announced on KYW News Radio (1 060) and WNPV Radio (1440). DURING PERIODS OF "SNOW EMERGENCY", VEHICLES ARE PROHIBITED FROM PARKING OR STANDING UNATTENDED ON ANY ROADWAY WITHIN THE TOWNSHIP. The purpose of the "Snow Emergency" is to facilitate snow plowing. Any vehicles parked on the roadway will be ticketed.

Residents are reminded that within twenty-four (24) hours after snow has ceased to fall, or the formation of ice has occurred, a 24" path must be cleared on all sidewalks. Residents are advised that when clearing snow from driveways, it should not be shoveled into the roadway.





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