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Apply for zoning and building permits?

The completion of a Consolidated Construction Permit application is required for residential and commercial new construction, additions, alterations, repairs, demolitions, plumbing, mechanical, electrical, swimming pools, sheds, decks, patios, driveway expansions, roofing replacement, and fences.

Permit applications must be completed and submitted with two (2) sets of applicable drawings and specifications. For new construction, and/or exterior additions to the existing structure, two (2) plot plans showing the location and dimensions of the proposed construction and all existing property features (including easements) must be submitted. Please include a copy of any prior approvals if applicable (i.e. variance, grading permit). Please be advised that permit fees are assessed upon permit approval. The Township does not accept fee payment with the application.

Use the blelow documents to complete a Consolidated Construction Permit application, and see the Township Fee Schedule





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