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Find out when a Grading Permit is needed?

The following activities require a grading permit:

  1. Modifying, disturbing, blocking, diverting or otherwise adversely affecting the natural flow of surface water within an ephemeral, intermittent or perennial stream or in a manner which impacts an adjoining parcel/property.
  2. Construction, erection or installation of any drainage dam or obstruction affecting the drainage of any parcel/property.
  3. Earth disturbance in excess of 500 square feet, cumulatively in one year; a year being 12 consecutive months from the date of the first earth disturbance or application for a grading permit.
  4. A fill exceeding 10 cubic yards of material.
  5. Construction and/or installation of driveways and swimming pools.

In addition, where an activity proposes more than 2,000 square feet of new impervious cover as part of the grading permit application, then a stormwater management plan shall be provided that complies with Upper Gwynedd Township Code Chapter 162, Stormwater Management.

Use the below document to complete a Grading Permit Application.





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