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Determine whether all or part of my property is situated in a flood plain?

The completion of a Consolidated Construction Permit application is required prior to installation of above-ground, portable, and in-ground swimming pools.

No swimming pool will be approved for construction if it lies within 300 feet of any property line unless the property line is entirely surrounded by a substantial wire mesh or solid fence. The fence must be no less than 42 inches and no more than six feet high. The fence shall not contain vertical gaps of more than two inches and no horizontal rail or component on the outside. The desired fence must satisfy the following minimum requirements:

  1. Wood picket: 3/4 inch stock.
  2. Iron picket: 1/2 inch iron bar.
  3. Chain link: Vertical chains shall be 11 gauge minimum wire and a maximum of two inches apart.
  4. Woven or other solid fence: Strength shall be equivalent to one of the foregoing, satisfactory to the Zoning Officer.

All gates in such fence shall be secured by a lock when the owner or tenant is absent from the premises, and by an effective safety latch at all other times. A dwelling or accessory building may be used as a part of the required enclosure.

Above-ground pools (or those that lay at least 42 inches above the ground) are to be either be fenced or provided with a ladder or steps. When the swimming pool is not in use, the steps or ladder must be removed or swing up to form part of the railing and locked in place as part of the railing.

View our Online Codes for more information regarding swimming pool restrictions.

To complete a Consolidated Construction Permit Application, view the document below: