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Wastewater Improvement Program (WIP)

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Wastewater Improvement Program (WIP)

In the upcoming months, crews will be working in select areas as part of the Township's Wastewater Improvement Program (WIP). Crews will be centralized to specific areas at a given time. The purpose of this page is to keep residents up to date with the latest news regarding the WIP project. 

What is Upper Gwynedd's Wastewater Improvement Program?

The Wastewater Improvement Program will expand the sewer infrastructure to allow UGT the ability to divert the wastewater currently being sent to the Towamencin Municipal Authority back to Upper Gwynedd Township’s Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Why is Upper Gwynedd Township taking back its Wastewater?

There are several environmental reasons for the WIP. The diversion of wastewater back to UGT have a positive environmental impact and increase the quality of service to residents. As a result of this expansion, there will be far fewer incidents of sanitary sewer overflows that can have a negative impact on the environment. In addition, Upper Gwynedd advanced Wastewater treatment plant which includes the innovative Bio-Mag system allows the Upper Gwynedd’s wastewater treatment to produce a very high-quality effluent to meet anticipated future treatment standards. Upper Gwynedd’s state of the art facility includes Ultra-Violet (UV) disinfection treatment of wastewater, which significantly reduces the number and quantity of chemicals being placed into our natural streams.

In addition to environmental reasons, there are also positive long-term financial benefits to this program. This project will allow Upper Gwynedd Township resident's taxpayer dollars to be invested in Upper Gwynedd Township's infrastructure, as opposed to another wastewater treatment plant.

When will this project start?

The surveying for the project began on November 13th at the South pump station. Construction for Phase 1 was scheduled to begin on November 19th. The week of December 2nd, Phase 1 clearing work will begin in Township open space at Flintlock and Powderhorn. The week of December 9th the digging for pipe installation in Phase 1 will commence. As phases are completed, additional meetings will be scheduled to discuss the subsequent phases. The anticipated construction phases and general timeline is shown below.  Due to weather and variables inherent in construction projects, the schedule will be subject to change. Check back here for frequent updates.

Project Overview:

Project Overview Map


Project Phases:

Phases WIP


PHASE 1 Construction Details:


 PHASE 2 Construction Details:


How will it impact residents?

Since this project may create a traffic detour and impact residents, the purpose of this page is to keep residents informed on the latest news regarding this project. This website page will be the main source of information and will be constantly updated with new information. Any and all updates will be posted to this page. The Township will also be posting information to social media to spread this information to residents. The website, however, will be the central source for information.

If you need additional information or would like to speak with someone about this project, please call the Township and ask for our Assistant Township Manager Megan Weaver. 

Resident Meetings

The Township held its first resident meeting on November 18th at 7:00pm at the Township Building. The purpose of this meeting was to invite any residents interested in Phase 1. The Township Managaer and Township Wastewater Engineers were present at this meeting to describe this phase and answer any questions. Below you will find the information that was presented at the Phase 1 Meeting. 

The Township will be holding another meeting on December 9th at 7:00pm at the Township Building to discuss Phase 2 of this project. Any residents who are interested in Phase 2 of the project are welcome to attend.

 Phase 1 Presentation



For more information:






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