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Safe Workplace Earns Township Insurance Dividend

     Upper Gwynedd Township (UGT) has a Worker’s Compensation Policy through Selective Insurance Company (SIC). This policy covers the medical costs and income protection for an injury sustained by an employee while at work for the Township. When organizations have a low occurrence of worker’s compensation claims, insurance companies pay back to the organizations a dividend because of a “favorable loss experience.” On May 9, 2018, UGT was notified that SIC will be returning $27,113.00 to the Township due to a favorable loss experience during the previous policy period.

     The Township Commissioners and staff are safety conscious and maintains a Safety Committee comprised of employees from each department, which meets monthly to inspect facilities and report potential safety concerns. We are proud of our safety record and have been awarded $168,256.00 in favorable loss experience dividends over the last nine years.  

     Acting Township Manager, Mike Lapinski would like to publicly thank the Safety Committee members and employees for their efforts in maintaining and improving our work safety environment and following safety procedures.

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